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iCoachNow Features

Complete Seasons

Unique practice plans are created for each practice

Get a complete season's worth of unique pratice plans:

  • Practice plans are designed for your team and your schedule.
  • Plans are stragetically organized for smooth flowing practices.
  • The goal of each practice plan is to be fun, effective & efficient.
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Plans include several levels of customization - including durations, areas of focus, and individual drills

Plans are thoughtfully organized for a smooth flow, and include 5 main areas of focus:

  • Fun Games
  • Individual Skills
  • Offensive Drills
  • Defensive Drills
  • Rules of the Game

You can customize each plan as little or as much as you want, making iCoachNow perfect for new and seasoned coaches alike.

Skills & Drills

Descriptions and videos show you how to execute each plan

With our expansive database of skills and drills, your practices will be new and fresh every time.

Individual drill descriptions and videos are provided, allowing you to both read and see what to do so you'll have all the tools you need to execute each practice plan, with style!

Plan Progression

Plans build from beginning to advanced skills throughout the season

Practices are created to start with the fundamentals and progressively get more challenging throughout the season to intermediate and advanced concepts.

As the season progresses you’ll see specific areas that your team needs to work on, or is ready to build on, and you can customize each practice accordingly. You can choose from the drill database to find the perfect drills to match your team's progression.

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